Monday, January 19, 2015

TWENTY-SIX - Rhythm, Courage and Grace - 28FIVE14

Rhythm, Courage and Grace 28FIVE14
doria dphrepaulezz 2014

I have found my rhythm, I know why I dance.

a flower from the garden of life dies
her petals fall delicately
toward Mother earth

to give once more, to nourish 
the promise of what tomorrow shall be
a new generation of hope is born

soft petals caressing the soul
words of unspoken beauty
like the sunset, like the sunrise

shining into the darkness
lulling us into sleep
shaking us awake

her deep powerful voice
of reason and of love
beyond boundaries, beyond dreams

 - I have come and I will go
I will never forget
you will never forget -

words, silently crashing on the beach
at peace, safe, before another storm
the desert sands will find the ocean

one last embrace of words
dancing across the universe
courage and grace

it is a hope, a prayer, a spirit
the music ends, and the music begins
one last smile, one last note of laughter

beyond the confines of our boundaries
speaking to a more profound us
beyond grief

delicate whispers of precious love
fluttering in the calm wind
pages, unwritten pages

sweet memories of joy and pain
there will be no fear
I shall cry no tears

bathed in the rhythmic light of the moon
we shall say hello… again
we shall say goodbye… not yet

your voice, a symphony
echoing across the sky
home sweet home

I have found my secret place in your voice
your warm breath, soft petals
caressing my heart and soul

a new flower is born
of hope, of courage, of grace
I leap and my words come to life

I have found my rhythm 
I know why I dance
Rhythm, Courage and Grace

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