Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seventeen - A place to Begin - D - Where I find Home

Live, Love, Create, Play, Repeat.

There is no place like home.  I close my eyes and I feel the ocean’s breeze, her soft and loving caress.  And for a moment, silence, like old lovers, every time like the first time and I am home.  She takes me away on that sweet wave to that secret place that I know so well.  I am weightless.  I am free.

She is my journey, my destination.  From our first embrace she has been my home, her gentle waves crashing into my soul and beating inside my heart.  She has languished upon my shore, and held me captive in the silence of her noise: nature’s orchestra of strings and percussions lulling me to sleep, keeping me awake.

I know that she is beyond - my Now - and my journey across this Painted Desert, will take me back to my ocean breeze.  Two hearts, two souls, one life, a new beat is discovered and I dance.  My heart and my soul embraced in the colors of this canvas - my life - a new season begins and the promise continues. 

I have come from a place so far from where I began.  My life has been an extraordinary journey.  Everyday I look in the mirror and I know I am the most beautiful girl in the world.  That is mine to keep.  This is my promise, I have found my voice and I have found my joy.

I stand before her great calm in the midst of my storm and I close my eyes, she is my memory, I am not alone.  I am home.  There will always be time for just one more journey.  One more caress.  One more dance.

If you say goodbye when you mean to say hello, remember it is never too late to fall in love again, just one more time.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sixteen - A Place to Begin - C - Finding my Tomorrow

Are we one, or just you and me?

One step forward and I fall into love and into life.  Searching for my tomorrow I have stumbled once again.  I lay immersed in the darkness of my midnight and a light shines through, and I dream.


If I reach out, will you take my hand?  If I fall, will you hold me wrapped in your arms until the morning?  Will you always remember not to forget?  Will you be my memory when I fail?

What I want, what I seek is something I don’t know; yet it is something I that can’t forget.

I have walked for so long and my journey has been great.  The safe and quiet road is not the journey I have taken.  I know the storm will subside, and life continues.  I know the storm will always return, because life changes.  My body and my soul entwined, I slip into my comfort zone; of love, of hate, of giving, and of taking then suddenly, finally, I let go.

Live this life - your life - with all its imperfections.  There is no perfect silence.  There is no perfect peace.  Now is always the best moment.  Find your voice and speak.  Don’t be afraid to begin.    Find your joy and leap.

I have come from a place so far from where I began.  My life has been a journey.  Everyday I look in the mirror and I know I am the most beautiful girl in the world.  That is mine to keep.  I will learn to leap.  I will learn to tango.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fifteen - A Place to Begin - B - Another Step Forward on this Journey, My Life

Life is a miracle, you got it, now what are you going to do with it?

For a moment time stops - the world shuts down, my midnight arrives, the tears do not come, I am alone, but I am not lonely.  I stand nude but I am not naked, and in that moment I find myself, and I begin.  I know I will not fall without getting up.  I will be safe when the sun fades away.

I have come from a place so far from where I began.  My life has been a journey.  Everyday I look in the mirror and I know I am the most beautiful girl in the world.  I will define who I am.

I want dreams, I do not want nightmares
I need to know the truth
to believe in angels and miracles.

I look at my reflection and I love who I am
I will do what I have to do to hold on to me
and suddenly I realize, I am not perfect, I am me.
I will believe unconditionally that my tomorrow will come
I trust, and I will believe in this life
I have listened, I have learned and I have loved.

Faith is who I am
I close my eyes and I find my soul.

This is my truth
I will step forward even when I fall.

I don’t want magic
but I want to know this is not as good as it gets.

I don’t want make believe
but I want to believe in fairytales.

Somehow my tomorrow will be
hope and courage will once again emerge
life will be bigger than me.

I will stand in dignity and grace
I will make my music and dance
I want to feel joy and I am not afraid of pain.

My journey is and my voyage will continue
and all the while until I reach home,
I shall laugh out loud.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fourteen - A Poem - Dancing with Dostoevskij - Two

Dancing with Dostoevskij

From that far away place, she beckons me
Whispering softly
Her words flow across the white pages
Subtle... tempting words, my life, my history

Bathed in the moonlit night
I begin once again
The timeless journey of love and life

My heart, my soul
Words engraved in that old book
My life

Those sweet tragic words of promise
Immersed in a whirlwind of emotions
A wave of hope and I have come home

One step, then two
The music ignites, the orchestra of life
Playing the song of midnight
My song, our song
The song of moonlight and tears

Once again like old friends, knowing lovers
Embraced in trust
If only for one moment

The silence of our truth
We dance

Our histories, our suffering
Disappear into the night sky
Remarkable this journey has been

I find again, my faith
The joys, the sorrows
Of life and of death

The tears and the smiles
Our passion, our life
Love is life and Life is

Bathed in the moonlit night
Entangled in our histories
We dance in Grand Square of Humanity


Saturday, October 5, 2013

13 - Dancing with Dostoevskij - One

Dancing with Dostoevskij is where I want to be 
in the rhythm of my life
so selfless and so free
I pause as I wander
through the love and the pain
I glance back at yesterday
so sweet the memories I shall hold
I remember and I forget
I leap into tomorrow
dancing with Dostoevskij is where I want to be
in the rhythm of my life
so selfless and so free
I pause as I wander
I become me

Thursday, September 26, 2013

TWELVE - A Place to Begin - A

My life has been a journey.  Everyday I look in the mirror and I know I am the most beautiful girl in the world.  I know in that moment, in my time in my space I am, and that is mine to keep.   I have climbed mountains and I have fallen into the darkest of nights, and yet I have never been alone.   Our history and its consequences are not only what we lived but also what we remember.  When you look back, do so and smile, for every moment has a light in the darkness.   I do not go back and revisit what was, because that little girl came on the journey with me.  I didn't leave her behind in some moment in time, I found her, she found me and we have become One.  I am because we are.  We have laughed, we have cried and we have grown, together.
The mountain I saw as a child is finally just as it should be, a small hilltop.  And suddenly I realize I am home.   My long walk on the world stage has come full circle and I have returned to my beginning.  If tomorrow came again, today would be my best day.  My entire life everything I believe myself to be came from yesterday, and I would not change a thing.  I have seen so much in so little time.  I have loved and been loved and will always be the one who believes that no matter what; no regrets, just bittersweet memories.  One small road on a very long adventure does not make a life.  I am strong and I am not afraid.  I will always believe that daring to be great is better than believing that you are small.  We are all giants on the inside.

Friday, September 20, 2013

ELEVEN - Thoughts at almost midnight by doria d.

I love the end of summer.  I crave the colors of Autumn.  The wild and inconsistent nature of Autumn, so much like a child, trying to find her way.   The vibrant colors coming to life, only to die too soon, like a desert flower.   And so I sit at the crossroads of life once more.  For every change of season is a crossroads.  Seasons bring death and seasons bring life, and it is the only moment in life where both are equally exquisite.   Summer dies and Autumn is born.   Beauty is one and beauty is the other.  As the years pass, the intersection of life and death has become more interesting.   I like the complexities of life.  I love the subtle inconveniences. I leap into the wind and I have faith, I believe that we always find our way home.  Home truly, is where the heart is.   The road is always traveled.  The vehicle we take changes, but the horizon always awaits.  This wondrous crossroads of madness we call life. Once again my Autumn shall come and like an impatient child, I shall await winter.

Monday, September 16, 2013

TEN - Poetry and me

What poetry means to me
doria d.

     Poetry is like the gentle pounding of rain, a tribal music of sacred drums slowly beating into a wondrous melody, that lulls you into the darkness of sleep, the tranquility of silence, chasing away the spirits.  It is my solitude in the happiest moments and in the saddest times.  Poetry is living in a world without rules or boundaries, yet somehow not living in chaos.  It describes the most profound love and defines the most intense hatred.  It is the unspoken language of man.  It is the most private and most public outcry of the pains, anguishes and loves of mankind.  It is where we begin and where we end.  Poetry is the life we live and the dreams that we wish we had lived.

     Poetry means everything and nothing depending on whom you ask.  People fear it, love it and don't understand it, but everyone needs it.  It is the drug of literature, and it never dies.  Poetry represents the best and the worst of humanity, as seen through the eyes of man.  The life of a poet is every life, because to pass judgment on mankind is to step into the shoes of every man.  It is to see beyond yourself and to live in the hearts and minds of others.   It is to live a thousand different lives, and feel a thousand different hearts.  The beauty of poetry is its simplicity, the ability to give such extraordinary meaning to such common, ordinary words.
     Poetry is the written expression of knowledge; it is what we have learned and more importantly what we have deep within to teach.  My poetry is an expression of everything I have seen, everything that I've known, thought, lived and dreamed. I see my words on the faces of those whose lives touched mine.  I feel what I see and I see what I feel.  I see with my eyes, my heart and my mind.  Poetry is my great escape from the world around me.  It is jumping into the wind and sailing out into the open sea, beyond rules and boundaries.  It is forgiving, forgetting and moving on, it is healing, understanding and accepting.

     I don't write to please anyone, I write very simply to make sense of my own dark clouds and sunny days.  I hope that somewhere in the jumble of my words that someone finds a word that fits their fancy.  A phrase that gives them hope or a poem that represents what I have felt. I hope that you are reminded of something, good or bad, and that these words that I've put together somehow have meaning for someone other than myself.  I hope that whoever reads these words will find their own voice within mine.  That they will feel.  That some buried memory will slip back into reality for a moment, and that in that joy, or anger or sadness they find a release, an understanding, a door that opens and lets them believe again, move forward, and get on with life.  Poetry should amaze, excite, and empower.  It should throw your senses into a fury.  It should make you cry.  It should make you laugh.  It should inspire you to think.  It is the relentless pursuit of saying so much in so few words.  It is to play music without an instrument.  It is pure raw emotion.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nine -Eleven

9/11 Say a prayer before you sleep, say a prayer when you wake, and to remember, or maybe not to forget, hold the one that you love just a little longer and say those three little words - I LOVE YOU - just because - have a moment of silence and remember all those who are no more and remember every soldier that has gone away, and for no other reason, just because your are a human being, be kind to someone. love to all doria d.#dsquare7

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Eight - Remember

In a time when we are alone, there is a calm that seeps in and preserves the soul.  Sometimes, faith is all you have.

                                          A PERFECT BREEZE, REMEMBERING

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seven - A Poem - The River

The River

One step into the beyond;
don't let the silence be your final voice; 
find the courage to forgive, to learn, to finish.

Like the leaves of Autumn; we live, we fall,
but we return, Always.

Like a teardrop [falling] creating the river of life;
meandering, surviving, teaching,
it flows with the story of your life;
forever engraved in the riverbed - a book unwritten.

Life, the mystery that eludes;
the time we have, is all the time it takes. 
Don't stop.  Live.  Passionately. 
The mystery will not let you go.

Don't stare from empty space,
take out the crayons, draw. 
Create, be remembered. 
Don't slip away without a final embrace,
secured in his arms,
nestled in peace,
in that place where love began, where love shall end. 
Drifting, slumbering, into dreamland, to remember.

To write is to lay down with the truth and face your demons,
to record your dreams. 
If a pen is at hand [then write]
it won't fail you - it is your legacy,
the peace, deep within,
it will keep them alive. 

Give them insight, strength, your best. 
You will forever live, in their minds, their hearts;
they will remember...  
Once upon a time, I knew a man, he lived,
he wasn't forgotten,
he is remembered.

His heart, his mind, his best
is forever engraved in the
riverbed of life

The Journey Continues

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Six - A Poem - My House

My House
2013 doria dphrepaulezz

Textures - Gold - by doria dphrepaulezz

There is a sound of the wind
it chills my souls, yet warms my heart.

There is a freshness in the air
it gives me life,
rhythmic breathing of mother nature

The elegant ballet of trees
power of the unknown
standing guards of paradise
Silent and understanding above,
blue skies
rolling hills reaching up to the heavens
scattered houses, quietly standing
swaying in nature's symphony

Listening to the silence
no air that can be seen

the pure gentle flow of life
warmed by the sun's energy

There is no silence where nature thrives
no boundaries to the view
such a vision, the eyes are blinded

A moment of passion to cherish
one of the last frontiers
desperately trying to survive
the last view of God's paradise.

by doria dphrepaulezz

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Five - Una Poesia -Too Much Sadness

La Guerra

le mamme, i bambini
persi nella notte scura
sguardi vuoti
grida nell'aria
la vita avvolta nel dolore
gli alberi urlano
i vestiti bruciati, strappati via

la terra rossa
un fiume di sangue,
corpi dispersi,
vite stracciate

la pioggia della sera
cade con le bombe
di fiori
di case
come cimiteri
le scuole
persi, distrutti nel nulla

rimane solo il terrore,
gli spari
il boato del cannone,
che echeggiano
nel vento freddo dell'estate

alla fine
un bambino, inginocchiato
di fronte a un altro
supplica per la sua vita
il silenzio,
interrotto dallo sparo

un bambino che muore,
un bambino che diventa uomo

E' questa la guerra.

doria d. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Four - A Poem - Always and Forever Mommie

Always and Forever, Mommie
Doria Dphrepaulezz 2013

For everyday that fades away, tomorrow is always a new beginning.

And after a long journey
Two souls have come home
 A new season of life descends – gliding slowly beyond,
Slip sliding into your tomorrow

Despite the noise of life, we have come full circle
Layer upon layer of life
Hiding, protecting, nurturing
We have climbed mountains and crossed deserts

Our histories have brought us here
No regrets, only memories, both bitter and sweet

All my journeys have begun with an act of faith
I would not change my today
I would not change my yesterday
This is my act of faith; here is where I want to be

My life, your life, our life... our journey
I would not change Our now
This is our voyage, our tears and our laughter
A common road... A common joy... shared

One journey
One voyage
Our love

Hand in hand once again
We walk forward, meandering...
The journey has been Mother and Daughter
The voyage is Motherhood

I will not forget... I will remember


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