Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seven - A Poem - The River

The River

One step into the beyond;
don't let the silence be your final voice; 
find the courage to forgive, to learn, to finish.

Like the leaves of Autumn; we live, we fall,
but we return, Always.

Like a teardrop [falling] creating the river of life;
meandering, surviving, teaching,
it flows with the story of your life;
forever engraved in the riverbed - a book unwritten.

Life, the mystery that eludes;
the time we have, is all the time it takes. 
Don't stop.  Live.  Passionately. 
The mystery will not let you go.

Don't stare from empty space,
take out the crayons, draw. 
Create, be remembered. 
Don't slip away without a final embrace,
secured in his arms,
nestled in peace,
in that place where love began, where love shall end. 
Drifting, slumbering, into dreamland, to remember.

To write is to lay down with the truth and face your demons,
to record your dreams. 
If a pen is at hand [then write]
it won't fail you - it is your legacy,
the peace, deep within,
it will keep them alive. 

Give them insight, strength, your best. 
You will forever live, in their minds, their hearts;
they will remember...  
Once upon a time, I knew a man, he lived,
he wasn't forgotten,
he is remembered.

His heart, his mind, his best
is forever engraved in the
riverbed of life

The Journey Continues

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Six - A Poem - My House

My House
2013 doria dphrepaulezz

Textures - Gold - by doria dphrepaulezz

There is a sound of the wind
it chills my souls, yet warms my heart.

There is a freshness in the air
it gives me life,
rhythmic breathing of mother nature

The elegant ballet of trees
power of the unknown
standing guards of paradise
Silent and understanding above,
blue skies
rolling hills reaching up to the heavens
scattered houses, quietly standing
swaying in nature's symphony

Listening to the silence
no air that can be seen

the pure gentle flow of life
warmed by the sun's energy

There is no silence where nature thrives
no boundaries to the view
such a vision, the eyes are blinded

A moment of passion to cherish
one of the last frontiers
desperately trying to survive
the last view of God's paradise.

by doria dphrepaulezz

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Five - Una Poesia -Too Much Sadness

La Guerra

le mamme, i bambini
persi nella notte scura
sguardi vuoti
grida nell'aria
la vita avvolta nel dolore
gli alberi urlano
i vestiti bruciati, strappati via

la terra rossa
un fiume di sangue,
corpi dispersi,
vite stracciate

la pioggia della sera
cade con le bombe
di fiori
di case
come cimiteri
le scuole
persi, distrutti nel nulla

rimane solo il terrore,
gli spari
il boato del cannone,
che echeggiano
nel vento freddo dell'estate

alla fine
un bambino, inginocchiato
di fronte a un altro
supplica per la sua vita
il silenzio,
interrotto dallo sparo

un bambino che muore,
un bambino che diventa uomo

E' questa la guerra.

doria d. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Four - A Poem - Always and Forever Mommie

Always and Forever, Mommie
Doria Dphrepaulezz 2013

For everyday that fades away, tomorrow is always a new beginning.

And after a long journey
Two souls have come home
 A new season of life descends – gliding slowly beyond,
Slip sliding into your tomorrow

Despite the noise of life, we have come full circle
Layer upon layer of life
Hiding, protecting, nurturing
We have climbed mountains and crossed deserts

Our histories have brought us here
No regrets, only memories, both bitter and sweet

All my journeys have begun with an act of faith
I would not change my today
I would not change my yesterday
This is my act of faith; here is where I want to be

My life, your life, our life... our journey
I would not change Our now
This is our voyage, our tears and our laughter
A common road... A common joy... shared

One journey
One voyage
Our love

Hand in hand once again
We walk forward, meandering...
The journey has been Mother and Daughter
The voyage is Motherhood

I will not forget... I will remember


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three - Just Me

Thoughtful and at peace, I watch the early sunlight stream into the kitchen.  The silence so loud it is intoxicating.  I think about today and I remember yesterday.  I have come so far from that place where I began, it already seems like two lifetimes ago.  Once again I begin this journey, my eternal voyage through colors, textures and words.  The unbearable and the extraordinary expressed in vivid color.  Life being life.  No regrets and no excuses, just the joy of living.  Emotions racing across my blank canvas, and life is.  One simple act, one drop of humanity and the journey continues. This is my life. #dsquare7 

The Red Dot doria d.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two. Thoughts from my soul

Lost in the journey of this life, my heart seems to close at a time when it should not.  I shed a tear for what is to come.  Humanity has yet again crossed over that invisible line of indifference.  The destiny of our children shall be once again redefined by our uncontrolled love of discontent.  Across the globe a new kind of blood runs through Nations,  it is a colorless blood of intolerance and ignorance.  Its damage is and will be far beyond our imaginations.  It is a leap backward for man and a devastating course has been set for generations to come. It takes one act, just one voice to calm the storm, so the question is, whose voice shall be heard?  20/8/2013

A Wall.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Life happens, be a part of it and you just might hear the music of a butterfly.

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