Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Dreaming of Pollock, Always

Dreaming of Pollock, Always

Poem and Art Works doria dphrepaulezz 2019

you are the reason that my soul dances
the most beautiful tango ever painted
I shall never tire of the melodic
lines that you poured
abstractions and delights
(abstract distractions2019 60"x60" canvas)
I want to live inside those ravishing lines
a magic trail into the
abstract garden of paint
a purifying caress, turbulent and calm
crashing waves and relentless winds
subdued tones and melancholy curves
you are my memory, my delight, my joy
musicality inside my soul
(lines to nowhere2004 55"x72" Italian cotton fabric)
swaying in the dark light of the sunset
laughter and tears
my soul cries
my heart rests
meticulous freedom
control relinquished and found
scattered jazz notes
merging and falling inside
new music of an altered orchestra
for the brave
silence gestures loudly played
(Blue Chaos 8/21/2019 60"x60" painters canvas)
lines poured
life devoured
lustful delights painted

copyright 2019 doria dphrepaulezz

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