Saturday, December 27, 2014



Honesty is a rhythm, a pulse inside your heart, swaying in the wind of the four seasons.

Inside my heart and soul, secure and protected, I have found my courage and strength.  This is my leap of faith.  This is my music.  I find myself and once again I begin.  This is my tango.  Life is, so make your own music and follow that beat.

Like waves crashing onto the sandy shore I have come home.  I have found my ocean.  I do not ponder over what was or could have been; I simply fall into my life and make the decision to live and to overcome.  No regrets.  I have found my house, and I have found my home, all wrapped up inside my heart.  This quiet place of delicious hectic calm, I write my history. I find pleasure in my complicated simplicity on this journey of knowledge called life.

I know where I stand, and it is quite simple, suddenly I have discovered myself.  It is a journey and a destination.  It is my history that has brought me here in this moment, and I would not change a thing.  I have found the wondrous crossroads of life.  Perfect imperfections.



Dignity, integrity and respect come from within, so nurture them like family.  Honor them, because in their absence you will not grow.

Life is a rhythm, so honor yourself, be true and you will find your music.  Think smaller and closer to your heart.  If you begin where you stand then there are no boundaries.  You have to create your own private community deep within your soul and then fall softly from the comforting grasp of order into the loving arms of life’s little inconsistencies.

Here is where I stand. This is my history written and rewritten on the pages of the book of my life.  My circle of life; I love, I leap and I learn. This is where I belong.  I am that same little girl from so long ago, I did not leave her behind.  I went back, I carried her, she carried me, and together we have aged, we have learned, and we have lived every moment together as one.




Don’t let who you are, get in the way, of who you want to become.

I will define who I am because I believe in me.   I belong here and now, in this place in this moment.  This is the foundation on which I will build my life.  This is my harmony.

Now is always the right moment.  I am my happily ever after.  Life happens and life is filled with laughter and tears; so decide to be amazing and accomplish something small everyday. Live the right now, not, the once upon a time.  Today is the best time.  This is my never-never land.

Sequences.  My words, my voice, are the harmony of life that allows me to dance.  Melodies.  Love songs.  Sad notes.  I release yesterday, and I embrace tomorrow.  I let go and I remember, I let go and I forget.  I am lost in the madness, but surviving the storm.  Free and gliding toward a new and wiser direction.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


The Own Zone -H- doria d.
Harmony - Honor - Honesty

                                          doria dphrepaulezz


Life will take you on a wild ride; it goes backward, forward, sideways and upside down.  Life is only tragic if we learn nothing when we fall.  doria dphrepaulezz

Friday, June 13, 2014

Twenty-One - A Place to Begin - F - My Sacred Place

Twenty-One - A Place to Begin - F - My Sacred Place

Getting back to finally let go and begin.

 Mother and Child by doria dphrepaulezz

… I embrace with body and soul all that was - And finally let go - Gliding slowly away into tomorrow - I pause, I smile, I laugh out loud - I begin.

I have come full circle; my words and my thoughts from me to the world, I let go and jump.  My poems and my paintings slowly descend into that wondrous place for all to see.  I have found my sacred place.  I stand naked and nude in the grand square of humanity and I hope that somewhere in the madness of my letters you shall find your own words and begin your journey, to share and to remember.

I have come from a place so far from where I began.  My life has been a journey.  Everyday I look in the mirror and I know that I am the most beautiful girl in the world.

Life is a gift.  It is a journey and whatever the joy, the pain or hardship it is a journey worth taking.  Everyone comes from a sacred place.  We all begin in a wondrous moment of perfect silence of perfect bliss.

So the thing is, life is not easy and it is not neat or simple or perfect; it’s complicated.   Moments are not perfect and parents are only human.  There is no best time to begin that grand adventure; the journey to find your joy.

For as long as I can remember I have poured my soul out onto paper; I have written to surpass the lowest of moments and to revel in the most extraordinary adventures.  And what I have learned, what I know is  - Your dreams are only as good as the journey you take them on.
Sometimes that sacred place seems so far away that it’s impossible to find your way back. But when you do, when you take that leap of faith and find your road, when you reclaim your childhood you begin a new journey, a better journey, your journey.  It is never to late to reach back and pull it into your heart; to hold it, love it and protect it and then to take it on a new journey.  To remember and start again is to live a thousand dreams.  

In so many ways for so many reasons to write is an act of blissful madness.  You put your words into a seemingly meaningful sequence of thoughts, of prose, of poetry in the grand hope of sharing some emotion and there you stand naked in front of the world to be judged. If you are lucky, one shared glance, and you will hear the music and dance.  This is my act of blissful madness, dancing in the light of this wonderful life of motherhood and me.

The paint speaks…
Orange Sign Language

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Twenty - A Place to Begin - E - Turning Points on the Journey

An Italian Love Affair… 4/16/14

When you wrap your sadness in love your soul begins to heal.  Live life with the infinite sense of humor that she needs.  Always hear the music and never stop dancing.  Find your somewhere and begin.

There is always a moment in life when all of a sudden you dare to begin again.  The moment will be not magic; it will not be perfect, it simply will be, and you will know it.  You take your dreams and your fears and you wrap them together and you make your life.  You discover yourself.  No matter what the journey has been so far you look up into the midnight sky and there you are.  You find your childhood, you embrace it, and you remember and you forget and you grow.  The child that was has blossomed.  Fears are tempered by elegance, courage and strength.  Life begins.

A long time ago, I sat on the rocky beach, staring out into the grand emerald blue Mediterranean Sea - a painting so perfect that only God could paint - and I knew that I had come home that I had found my courage and grace.

I knew that whether I stayed another hour or a year She would be mine for a lifetime.  The noise of life - the passing train the traffic and the voices - slowly, suddenly faded away and there we were two souls, swaying in the sea breeze.  I discovered me and I began my journey of paint and poetry.  Once again a new voice found.

I fell in love with me in Italy and I found the rhythm of my life.  I began a long slow dance across the Piazza of this life.  Two tortured souls on an incredible journey of discovery and of faith.   Suddenly found and suddenly lost, quite un-perfect but all mine.  Triumphs and failures along the way, as life should be.  My somewhere is Italy, and my Italy is Me - nestled deep in my soul protected and secure, I am because we are.  I set forth once again letting go of what was and embracing what shall be.

I have come from a place so far from where I began.  My life has been a journey.  Everyday I look in the mirror and I know that I am the most beautiful girl in the world.  I am whom I am because of where I have been, not because of the life I began as a child, but rather the life I have chosen.  The Life I have lived.  That is mine to keep.  Today I see the promise of tomorrow, I stop, I smile and I laugh out loud.

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