Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Twenty-Two - A Place to Begin - G - A Mother's Journey and a Son's Love (2019)

Twenty-Two - A Place to Begin - G - 
A Mother's Journey and a Son's Love

Strength and Understanding

I have come from a place so far from where I began.

You are the answer to my question.  My heart and soul wrapped inside of yours.  You are my light and my joy, a gift so precious; a treasury of hope and of love.  You are my journey, the promise that every tomorrow shall come.  My heart skips a beat and I smile.

Unity and Love by doria dphrepaulezz

From the first moment, I knew.  My hand caressed that little round spot and my heart leapt and my world changed.  I will always remember our first today.  You began as a miracle, so be a little miracle every day.    And know that from my heart, you were not a wish or a dream but a promise.  You were not a need or a desire but a gift.

You are my warm summer’s breeze on a dark wintry night.  You and me are we and shall always be.  Growing together and growing apart our tomorrow will come.  You have given me strength and tested my humanity.  You have taught me humility, courage and grace.  I have laughed when I could have cried.  I have cried when I should have laughed.  You are my cup of joy from that sacred fountain of life; my internal fire burning so bright - my sunshine and my moonlight.

Life is and will be messy there will be endless joy and endless sacrifice - but you will never be alone.  You will never stand alone at the foot of the mountain.  I will always be in your heart.  I will never doubt that you are as amazing as I believe you are.  I will never leave you, but I will let you go.

This journey, a love to unravel, is the longest embrace, a slow and agonizing goodbye so that one day we can say hello.  Time suspended and yet moving so fast.  Life is because you are, and as I grow older I see your reflection in my soul.  I have found my peace and you shall find yours.  Your light burns so bright and mine slowly fades away.  Life will happen.

My heart is open and my soul has found joy, your soul warms my heart as you fall away.  I see our tomorrow; I am happy and I am sad.  I see my reflection fluttering helplessly in the wind tunnel of life knowing that to let go is to let you grow and to let you begin.  So fall lightly, fall delicately and remember every day not to forget; do not wait until tomorrow passes - take that leap of faith everyday.

I look out onto the horizon and our tomorrow has come, this journey our life, now two, and your journey begins.  I know I have always known, that you are not mine to keep but mine to cherish, to love, to nurture, and to let grow.  That is a Mother’s love, a Son’s journey; a perfect flower in the storm.  My journey shall slowly fade away and yours shall begin.

I see tomorrow and you are the man that you will become, a seed planted so long ago.  You will stand and you will fall.  You will remember and you will forget.  You will fail and you will triumph.  It will never be too late to say I love you one more time.  You are forever engraved in my heart and soul.

My heart wails and my soul billows in the cold wind; tears of joy warm my heart and I let you go, a Mother’s journey - a Son’s love.  You are my poem - my act of faith - written and re-written on this journey of my life.  Every word has fallen like a tear and has found its home.

Be amazing and laugh out loud.  I am because we are.  You and me are we and shall always be…  When you look in life's mirror always see yourself.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Light in the Dark

There a place that I go where I can feel the exquisite vibrations of Mother Nature and my soul cries.  

First light a slow and wondrous crawl of nature's colors and light coming to life. 


intricately entwined
in a long slow kiss

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